Remote Learning

The government have made it clear that, should children or households needs to self-isolate and are unable to attend school due to Covid-19, schools need to provide remote education. This page outlines our provision which we sent home in a letter to all parents/carers at the start of term.

How Do I Access Remote Learning?

Your child has been provided with a school email address so that they are able to access the remote learning should they need to. We recommend that parents access the account for their children.

If your child is unable to attend school because they are self-isolating due to Covid-19, you will need to log on to your child’s account each day and support your child in completing their online remote learning. Teachers will only be setting work for children who are self-isolating so if you log in at any other time you will not see any assignments set.

Each morning by 9am the class teacher will send you a MarvellousMe to let you know that the assignments have been set for your child. You should then login to find the work which has been set.

Work set for your child can be found on the left-hand side of the screen in the order of when it is due (which will be by 5pm that evening). Please click onto the set work and read the instructions from the teacher. There may be an assignment to complete or an Oak Academy Maths or English lesson to follow.  

Once your child has completed the work, they can write a comment for their teacher about anything they needed help with or enjoyed in the ‘private comments’ only and select ‘mark as done’ on the assignment.

Additional Home Learning Resources

In addition to work set through Google Classrooms, please remember that children also have access to additional Home Learning Resources via this dedicate page on our website.