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Year 6

Class Teacher                              Mr Barrett-Rodger
PPA Teacher                                 Mrs Porter

Marvellous Microbes

Following the Christmas break, we've been taking an in-depth look into the world of micro-organisms. The children have learnt the difference between bacteria, fungus and viruses. We have also conducted our own experiments, looking at the growth of yeast and swabbing the school to answer the question "Where is the cleanest place in school?"


Ancient Maya

Throughout December, children in Year 6 have been learning all about the Maya Civilization. This was enhanced with a visit from real-life Maya archaeologist Vanessa who led the children in lots of different activities.


Awesome Oceans

Year 6 have had a fantastic time learning all about the Awesome Oceans. We wrote a biography about Sir David Attenborough, information texts about the oceans and instructions on how to build your very own periscope. The children learnt how to read 6-figure grid references, how light refracts through water and created digital artwork based on bioluminescent sea creatures of the deep. We discussed the dangers that our oceans face (such as plastic and pollution) and finished our topic with a DT project, combining our understanding of electronics with our knowledge of the oceans, to create an interactive aquarium display. 


Public Speaking Competition

Last week the children were given the task of writing their own 3-minutes speeches on a topic of their choice. They watched videos of some famous speeches and looked at some examples of other speeches Year 6 children have written in the past. We created success criteria and planned our speeches before writing them in our Wow Wicked Writing books as our first piece of Year 6 writing.

On Monday the children presented their speeches in our forest and scored each other on: topic, confidence, volume, clarity, body language and speed.The children with the three highest scores will represent Kendall at Colchester's Junior Youth Speaking Competition in May where they will compete against other children from schools across Colchester.


Welcome to Year 6

Thank you to those of you who were able to attend our Parent Information Event for Year 6 earlier in the week. If you were unable to attend, the slides from the presentation are now available at the bottom of this page. You will also find below our Q1 Class Newsletter which outlines all of the learning the children will be doing in Year 6 for the first 10 weeks of the year.
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