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Year 5

                                       Mrs Ludhor and Mrs Gayton
Learning Support Assistant        Mr Spurgeon


Year Five had a lovely time at Cudmore Grove Country park. We learnt about the different types of rocks and how they are formed. We also learnt about fossils and classifying and identifying these. We finished off by creating out own model of the beach and used water to show how erosion happens and the effect that it can have. 

We are in the process of writing thank you letters to our park ranger (Louise) for an amazing day!

We have been learning about the Water Cycle and Rivers. We have been having great fun researching the journey of a river and more recently, facts about the River Thames. We got very messy last week when we made salt dough models of the River Thames! We are excited to move on to learning about Egypt and the River Nile.

We are learning about everyday routine in French and how to describe everyday activities. We are focusing on using a French dictionary and soon, we will be competing with each other in the 'dictionary challenge'! 

We have been learning about how we can deal with certain situations in a positive way and how we can deal with emotions we may feel at times. 
Last week we created an imaginary character and we talked about how our character could deal with certain scenarios. 

Grammar sessions 
We are soon to start our set grammar sessions on a Friday afternoon. We will cover all things grammar-related in these sessions but will also continue practicing the grammar we are learning, everyday. 

Heart Dissection Workshop- Monday 6th November 
Diedre from 'Hands on Science' shared with us how to successfully dissect a lamb's heart. The children enjoyed getting stuck in with the gore and blood!

Recorder lessons
The children are enjoying their recorder lessons with Mrs Harrod and have learnt many notes such as 'A', 'G', 'B', and 'C'. 

Wednesday 19th October
The children thoroughly enjoyed their 'Maths' inspired day at the zoo. They were very enthusiastic about completed the challenges set for them, that were all animal related. Fantastic effort! 

Friday 8th September
Following the new topic of 'The Human Heart', the children all thoroughly enjoyed designing their own t-shirts this week and today we completed them! They were each asked to choose a heart diagram to copy onto a white t-shirt and were told that these would be sold to encourage 12 year olds to revise for a Biology exam. Next week we will be carrying out a sales pitch to persuade each other to buy the t-shirt! 

Welcome to Year 5
Thank you to all of those parents and children who attended the Year 5 Information Session on Monday. 

Our 2017 Q1 Newsletter that details all of our learning this quarter can be found below. Please check our weekly school newsletter for updates, diary dates and all of the latest information. The team are very much looking forward to working with you and your children this year. 

Year 5 Class Photo Gallery

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