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Year 4

Teacher:      Mrs Helsden
LSA:            Miss Gayton

Welcome to our class blog!

Over the year ahead, we have some fantastic topics to discover together and will be enjoying learning both inside and outside of the classroom.

Growth Mindset Wall

Since the start of the new school year we have already been adding to our growth mindset wall. The purpose of the wall is to display what we have decided together what we would like to improve upon, and how we will use our characters to help us.

Invaders and Settlers

Our very first topic that we will be working on together for the next ten weeks is invaders and settlers. The children have already written down what they want to find out about invaders and settlers.

New Class Book

This week was the start of our new book by Jess Butterworth, 'When the Mountains Roared'.

As year 4 began this journey they discovered cicadas in the book, the very next day one of the children bringing in the shell of cicadas so the whole class could see what these insects actually looked like as they are not native to England.

Wow, what an amazing start!

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