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Year 4

Teacher:      Mrs Helsden
LSA:            Miss Gayton

Welcome to quarter 2 in Year 4- our topic is France and we have been very creative over the past few months:


We have traveled around France and discovered places such as Paris, the Alps, the Pyrenees and other important regions.  We have tasted their foods, experienced the smell of their Christmas festive logs burning on the fire and we have seen work from the French painter, Monet.

Whilst we we learning about France, we discovered some things about how much wind turbines have increased in France and how now France is the fourth biggest wind turbine energy producer in the world.  We looked at whether we thought wind turbines were a good idea and we also created our own versions of a wind turbine, completely independently designed and planned.

We will display our finished wind turbines here once we have finished making them.

Growth Mindset Wall- still very important in Year 4

Since the start of the school year we have our important growth mindset wall. we keep on making the right choices to enable us to be the best learners that we possibly can be.


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