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Year 3

Teacher                                          Miss Tokley
Learning Support Assistant        Miss Natalie

Stone Age to Iron Age

Our first topic this year has sparked a lot of interest and questions about how people lived so differently during the Stone Age compared to how we live today. We have been looking at how they built their homes, what they ate and what they did for entertainment. This week, we explored cave painting and recreated ‘Cueva de las Manos’ (cave of the hands) before transforming our classroom into caves by covering underneath the tables and walls with paper! Outside, we made our own natural paint using berries and petals and used sticks, leaves and feathers to produce our own cave markings. This was lots of fun but we discovered just how difficult it was to make and use compared to the paint we are used to today.

Hello and welcome to Year 3’s class blog. We have had a fantastic start to the year getting settled into our new classroom and working hard to achieve ‘superhero’ status on our new chart! 

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