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Year 2

Teacher                                       Mrs O'Brien
Learning Support Assistant     Miss Hannah

Quarter 1: Kendall and beyond.

We have enjoyed a really busy start to this Quarter and have been learning lots already both inside and outside the classroom.

Team building and Kagan Co-operative learning structures.
We caught up with our classmates after the long summer holiday and found out about what they had been doing by doing "Stand up, hand up, pair up" we also played some different team building games.


Our favourite by far was where we had to keep a balloon from touching the ground whilst remaining in a circle and holding hands! It certainly developed our skills of communication, resilience and tolerance.

Maths: Place Value
We have been exploring different ways of representing numbers. In the classroom we have been using Numicon and Dienes. We then took our learning outside the classroom using sticks and stones as Tens and Ones.

Kendall and beyond: Local walk (1)
This week we started learning more about the local area around our school by looking at the gates located around the Rec. Each gate depicts different aspects of life in New Town. We played "I-spy" and looked closely to try to figure out what each gate represented.

Forest School : Length
We had a tidy up of the woodland and ordered the sticks that we found from longest to shortest.

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