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Year 2

Teacher                                       Mrs O'Brien
Learning Support Assistants   Miss Lewis & Mrs Goodchild

Q4: Super Scientists

Going Global : Visiting Italy

We began the Quarter with our "Going Global" week. In Year 2 we have been learning about Italy. As part of our "Round Robin" day we made pizza boxes with a collage pizza inside. Later in the week we actually got to design and make our own pizzas.


The highlight of the week was when we got to eat them! We did have to complete an evaluation too, with many of us saying that they were so good that they wouldn't change a single thing!


We looked at lots of famous Italian landmarks and used black ink to draw them, we had to look really carefully at the details.

Chinese Workshop day

We welcomed some very important visitors to our school as part of our "Going Global" week. Year 2 took part in two different sessions. We learnt a traditional Chinese Chopstick dance. It was great fun.

In the afternoon we found out about all the different animals of the Chinese Zodiac. Most of the children in Year 2 were born in the year of the rabbit so we made origami rabbits. It was quite tricky but we all got there in the end!


Art: Colour mixing

We have been learning all about how to mix different colours. We discovered that if you mix two Primary colours you make the secondary colours.

We also added white and black to a colour to make shades and tones. You only need to add a tiny bit of black to make it darker.

The Great Potato Race

Each class has been given some seed potatoes to grow. We had great fun taking it in turns to do all the different jobs needed to carefully plant our potatoes. We are already looking forward to harvesting them at the end of the term.

Super Scientists
We have been finding out all about light and dark. We had a fantastic time out in the sunshine exploring our shadows and looking at how we could alter them by moving in different ways.

 Q3: Read all about it

This Quarter we will be looking at different books and using them to produce our own writing. We have started by looking at "Lost and found" by Oliver Jeffers and have explored how the characters might be feeling,  what they are thinking and saying using still images from the film. Before we watched the film we listened to the soundtrack for the opening of the film and drew detailed pictures of what the music reminded us of.

The first day of Spring was spent enjoying a rather cold and snowy Forest School session deep in the woodland. We began by being explorers looking for different animal tracks in the snow.

While we were out it began to snow and we "caught" some amazing snow flakes on our sleeves and hats. There were so many different shapes from hexagonal ones to more spikey ones, as they were so tiny it was difficult to photograph them but here are some of the ones we managed to capture.

We warmed up with a hot drink in the outside classroom and then returned to the woodland for the last 15 minutes to have fun in the snow, some children made snow angels whilst others tried to make snow sculptures on the logs which proved to be very difficult because the snow was so powdery.

Q2: Colchester as a Garrison Town
Visit to Colchester Cemetery

We began the Quarter by looking at Remembrance and why the significance of Remembrance Sunday.

The children made beautiful poppy wreaths at Forest School which we took to lay at the war memorial at Colchester Cemetery.


The children looked at the soldiers graves and showed great compassion and respect throughout this really moving visit.



We have been using imperative (bossy) verbs to write instructions. We made clay pots and jam sandwiches and then wrote instructions so that someone else could make them.


A Wriggly Nativity

We have been very busy rehearsing our Y1 and 2 nativity. We are very much looking forward to performing it for our families.


Science: Forces
We have been exploring forces. The children were science detectives and visited the Recreation ground to look at the forces needed to work the outdoor gym equipment and the play equipment.


Fabulous Finish
We ended the Quarter by combining our science and D&T units of work by making balloon powered vehicles. They were really tricky to make but it was worth it when we got to test them! 


Q1: Kendall and beyond
This Quarter we will be exploring our the local area around our school.

Looking at the park gates at the Recreation Ground.
All the gates focus on different aspects of life in the New Town area of Colchester.


Playing Kendall and beyond bingo

We went on a long walk from school and along Wimpole Road, Barrack Street and Port Lane back to school. We looked had to spot different places of interest on the way.

The Hythe

We took a stroll from school down to the Hythe to look at the river. It was a lovely day and we sketched the lightship and various buildings at Essex University. On the way back we went via Distillery Pond and were glad that we decided to put our wellies on as we found a huge puddle to walk through!



Playing Beat the Street

A number of beat boxes have popped up all over Colchester so whenever we have had the opportunity to go out and about we have taken our fobs and scanned them to earn points for Kendall.


Enjoying story time in our new library
We were delighted to be the first class to enjoy a story in our new woodland themed library.


Colchester Synagogue visit

During the Jewish festival of Sukkot we were lucky enough to visit the Synagogue. We went in the Sukkah and looked at all the different features of the Synagogue.


Art in nature

As part of our fabulous finish for the Quarter we explored the art of Andy Goldsworthy who is a famous artist who uses natural materials to produce his artwork. We enjoyed a lovely afternoon in the woodland creating our own masterpieces in the style of Andy Goldsworthy.



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