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Year 2

Class Teacher                               Mrs O'Brien
PPA Teacher                                 Mrs Gayton
Learning Support Assistant        Miss Hannah & Mrs Dawson

Our topic this Quarter is "Kendall and Beyond" and we have been exploring the Geography and History of the local area surrounding our school. This has meant that we have been out and about exploring and discovering for ourselves lots of hidden gems literally on our doorstep.

We looked closely at the five different gates at the Rec. Each gate depicts a different theme related to our local area in the past. We played "I spy" to see how many different things we could spot.

We visited the Hythe and looked at the importance of the River Colne to the local area in the past. While we were there we sketched the boats along the river and the buildings.

When we got back from our walk to the Hythe we used natural resources in the woodland to make collages of the boats or buildings we had seen in the morning.

We looked at lots of old photographs of the area and then we armed ourselves with them and an Ipad and went out to see what had changed. We compared the old photos (Then) with the new ones we had taken (Now) and were surprised to see that most places had changed a lot over time,  buildings often remained very similar but the road layout and other features in the environment had changed such as trees and ponds etc.

On one of our local walks we collected conkers in preparation for the annual Kendall Conker Competition. It was a hard fought competition with class matches and then a whole school final in the afternoon. We were delighted that our Y2 winner went on to become 3rd in the whole school.


Maths Learning this Quarter.

We started the Quarter exploring place value using resources both in the classroom and outside.

We used sticks and stones to help us make 2 digit numbers. The sticks are tens and the stones are ones.

In another lesson we represented numbers in different ways using sticks (tens) and stones (ones) and wrote the number in digits and words.

We have looked at different number sentences and decided if the answer given was true or false. When we had solved the calculation we place the number sentence in the correct hoop. Some children used their fingers to help them solve the calculations, others used the hundred square painted on the playground.

We have been comparing number sentences and using < > or = with the help of Numicom boards and pegs. We used lolly sticks to make the correct mathematical symbols.

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