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Year 1

Teacher                                           Miss Parham
Learning Support Assistants       Mrs White and Mrs Dawson

Welcome to Year 1!

Quarter 2

What a brilliant start to the year we have had! The children have worked extremely hard and I am very proud of them all! I know that their amazing enthusiasm will continue into the second quarter. 

Within Quarter 2 we will be learning all about the Arctic. As our sparkling start, we were lucky enough to have Mr Hall come in to tell us all about his experience of the Arctic. He shared photos of his time exploring and some photos of Arctic animals he saw too! After playtime, Mr Hall took us outside to do some map reading. The children loved this activity and tried very hard to use their map's to find the small, yellow flags that were hidden around the playground.  The children were all very polite, listened carefully and showed our visitor just how amazing Kendall is! Well done Year 1! 

Quarter 1

The children have been very busy for the past few weeks and have settled into Year 1 brilliantly! Our topic this quarter is ‘All About Me’ and we have been learning to name and label parts of the body. As part of this, we drew around each other in the playground and then identified parts of the body using our chalk markings.

We have also been thinking about our senses. The children enjoyed taking part in a ‘senses hunt’ in the woodland and tasting different fruits. The children have also found out what it would be like to have a sense taken away. In pairs, the children were able to guide each other around the playground, giving directions to their partner. Everyone worked well as a team and have shown great enthusiasm throughout all areas. Keep up the amazing work Year 1!

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