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Teacher                                      Mrs Reeves-Rowe
Learning Support Assistants  Mrs Drewett, Mrs Love, Mrs Hale and Miss Natalie

Quarter 4

The Sea

We have had an extremely busy quarter so far!  Our learning has been based around the sea.  We have found out about lighthouses, pirates, sea creatures and boats.

The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch

We walked to the lighthouse ship at Hythe Quay and observed the river and the transport on it.  We sketched the boats and thought about why the lighthouses were so important.  EYFS then designed some of their own lighthouses using found resources in the woodland  area, and using a range of classroom based resources, as part of our Teamwork Challenge.

Thursday 22nd March

We have had an incredibly busy time in FS these past few weeks!  We have continued to learn about People Who Help Us.  

This week, we visited Mrs Nicholson and Mrs Randall in the office.  They told us about all of the important things they do to help us in school.  

We have been practising subtracting using objects in class, out fingers, Numicon and stones and sticks in the outdoor classroom.

Thursday 1st March


We have been taking full advantage of the snow, looking at icicles, melting, texture and the weather.  The children have enjoyed crunching down the snow in our playground.

World Book Day

The class looked fantastic on Monday in their World Book Day costumes.  All of the children introduced their characters and some even shared their books with us.  Well done everyone!

People Who Help Us

We have started our new topic by thinking about the people that help us in school and our communities.  The children thought about what they would like to do as a job.  

Over the next few weeks, we will be meeting members of staff around the school and finding out how they help us.  This week we will be meeting Mrs Nicholson and Mrs Randall.

Thursday 15th February

Chinese New Year

We started our adventures in Q3 with Chinese New Year.  We made lanterns, learnt songs, composed music and dance, performed dragon dances and tried Chinese food.  We learnt about some of the customs and celebrations and thought about how we celebrate important events.

Thursday 8th February 2018

Fantastic Finish

This week, we have been building hedgehog hotels in the woodlands and our outside provision area.  The children have worked in teams to create them and have produced some super writing too!


To celebrate Shrove Tuesday (13th February), we will be making pancakes today.  Pictures to follow.

Thursday 25th January 2018

Since coming back after Christmas, we have been reading 'Don't Hog the Hedge' and thinking about hibernation.  We looked for good hibernation spots and have designed hedgehog hotels.

Toast Tuesdays

Our Toast Tuesdays have been very successful!  The children have been buttering their own toast, to develop their fine motor skills, then trying out a new topping too. 


We have made our own paintbrushes using sticks, leaves and wool.  FS tried berries and crushed them to make natural paints.  We then used the brushes and paints to write our names outside.

Thursday 7th December 2017 

We have had a very busy week!  

On Friday we made our very own stick people.  We have been using them in class to help us with positional language, we have read them stories and we have introduced them to the rest of the class. 

The children have really enjoyed using them in their play too.

A Little Nativity

On Tuesday and Wednesday, the class performed their nativity to the school and their families.  All of the adults in EYFS are incredibly proud of how hard the children worked on this and what  wonderful performances they gave!  

Please see Tapestry for the photos!

Thursday 30th November 2017

Image result for stickman julia donaldson
Stick Man

This week we have started our new text 'Stick Man' by Julia Donaldson.  Over the next few weeks, we will be linking our learning to the story and it's characters.

On Monday, we went into the woodlands to collect some sticks.  We will be using these in class to create our very own stick people!

Our Classroom

The children have chosen our role play area theme this quarter.  They have decided that it will be a warm and cosy, snow-covered house.  The children have been busy making things for the house and creating a fireplace with Mrs Love using found materials from the woodlands and colourful materials.  

FS Photo Gallery


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