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Teacher                                      Mrs Reeves-Rowe
Learning Support Assistants  Mrs Hall, Mrs Love and Mrs                                                       Goodchild

Q4 - The Sea

This quarter, all of our learning is centered around The Sea.  We will be investigating our oceans, boats, pirates and sea creatures!

We have started our learning thinking about lighthouses, using The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch as a start point.  We have walked to King Edward Quay to look at the lightship too.

Welcome to Q3

Welcome to our third quarter of the year.  The children are now halfway through their first year of school and are continuing to impress me with their love of learning!

This quarter, our theme is Traditional Tales.  We have already constructed our first
 role play area of the quarter with the children.  

Can you guess what it is?

We started the quarter by learning about Chinese New Year.  We shared the traditional tale of the New Year as well as a range of activities based around it.  We will be sending some of our work to our partner school in China.  We have really enjoyed our learning and thought about the similarities and differences between Chinese New Year and how we all celebrate special occasions.

The Badgers acting out the story of Chinese New Year

We also practised some Tai Chi with Mrs Reeves-Rowe

Welcome to Quarter 2

Welcome to the second quarter of the year.  We have  fantastic things planned for the next 10 weeks.  Our theme is 'Winter'.  Our role-play area has been transformed into an icy igloo and our learning will focus on hibernation, moving into Christmas, then winter.


We have started preparations for our school nativity and have commenced production of our decorations for the school tree in Colchester Castle.

Welcome to Kendall!

We have had a busy first few days of the quarter, with the children getting to know everybody and make new friends. 

Our topic this quarter, 'All About Me', has started with an exploration of our senses.  We have read 'The Train Ride', thinking about all of the sights and sounds, then used this to explore our school environment.

The children have been busy turning our home corner into a hospital, creating collages of doctors and nurses and building some of the equipment that they may use. 

We have been familiarising ourselves with Numicon ( a maths teaching aid) and using this in a variety of ways.


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