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Hello and welcome to the Eco-Schools section of our website. We are a committee of fourteen pupils (two from every class) who care passionately about our planet, the environment and the great outdoors. We were voted in by our class friends and meet every fortnight with Mrs Davis to discuss and act upon eco-issues around our school as well as larger-scale projects within our local community.

Some weeks you will find us carrying out a litter pick around the playground and other weeks we will be getting out hands dirty by digging up soil to do a creature count and look at biodiversity in our setting. There's never a dull moment!

Last year we made some key changes to life at Kendall with regards to our environment. We have introduced fruit bins on the playground during playtime whereby fruit and vegetable peelings are collected then recycled in the brown bin to be composted; our lovely kitchen staff also recycle any food waste from preparing school dinners. In a bid to reduce single-plastic use we have banned individual handwriting pens and now children throughout the school just write in pencil. We have also banned pritt sticks for the same reason and are currently trialing different tapes as a replacement. There are signs around the school reminding everyone to turn off lights and other electrical devices such as laptops and screens to reduce our energy consumption. We also took part in 'Switch Off Fortnight' last November.

This is our bin on the playground which is there to collect fruit and vegetable peelings so they can be composted.