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Teachers                                       Mr Rodger and Mrs Patterson
Learning Support Assistant       Mrs Ager

July 2018

Year 6 have wowed audiences with their production of Disney's Beauty and the Beast Jr. Children have been involved in acting, singing, dancing, set building, prop making, costume design, sound, lighting and stage management and all played their parts amazingly. 

Over 100 children took part in the production with Year 6 taking the lead. Well done to everyone involved for putting on such a successful performance. 

May 2018

Well done to all of Year 6 for their amazing hard work over the past couple of months preparing for the SATs. They've all put 100% effort into their learning and we are very proud of all of them. Results will be published in July.

February 2018

Our topic towards the end of Q2 has been Marvellous Micro-organisms. We have learned about: how living things (including bacteria and fungus) are classified; how bacteria grow and spread (and how to avoid this); the structure of single-celled organisms and the dangers of antibiotic resistance.



January 2018

Year 6 have been enjoying PE with Year 5 - particularly getting the chance to practise their rolls, holds, climbing and moving using all of the gymnastics equipment in the hall.


December 2017

Year 6 have been looking at the Nativity Story and comparing the two different accounts according to the Gospels of Luke and Matthew. The children found it very interesting to find out the differences and similarities between the two gospels and think about how these differ from modern re-tellings in children's bibles.


Tuesday 5th December 2017

What a Fabulous Finish. A visit from a real-life archaeologist who spent years excavating Maya sites in Mesoamerica was the perfect way to end our study of the Maya World.

Vanessa led us through an exploration of the Maya Civilisation with a range of different activities and a food tasting session! We also got to ask her lots of questions that we'd come up with during our topic.


Wednesday 29th November 2017

Year 6 have been learning a lot about the Maya over the past week. Today the children got to cook Maya style in the forest. Matthew Magpie was there to help us set up the cooking fire. The children enjoyed tortillas (which we prepared earlier in the day) and Maya hot chocolate - a bitter and spicy version of the hot chocolate many of us enjoy today with added cinnamon, honey and chilli.

Monday 20th November 2017

Today is the beginning of a new quarter at Kendall and the Year 6 children got stuck in straight away with a hands-on Ancient Maya artefact handling session. Being expert historians, the children asked questions about the items and have already learnt a lot about the culture and traditions of Ancient Maya. A great start to our new and exciting topic. 

Have a guess at what these artefacts are...


Monday 6th November 2017

Today saw Year 6 take part in their quarterly fabulous finish as part of a workshop delivered by Hands on Science. 

The children took part in a range of different experiments, demonstrating how light travels, is reflected and looking at the spectacular spectrum as a result of refraction. This was a great way to finish the topic and really helped the children to consolidate their learning. 

Wednesday 18th October 2017

On Wednesday Year 6 joined the rest of the school at Colchester Zoo as part of our Maths Week. As well as enjoying learning about all of the different animals, the children also solved tricky maths challenges and puzzles set by Mr Rodger.


Tuesday 26th September 2017

We've taken our maths outside again this week. Today we have been drawing factor bugs on the KS2 playground so that we can find all of the factors of an given number.


Tuesday 19th September 2017

Year 6 took their writing outside today, exploring a temperate forest! As part of our geography work (looking at the biomes of the world) we took a brave step out of doors to explore our woodland area. The beautiful environment gave the children lots of stimulus for writing and the creative prose that they produced was amazing!


Monday 18th September 2017

Today saw Kendall's first ever Welly Throwing Competition. Well done to Harrison who managed to throw his welly furthest in Year 6!

Friday 15th September 2017

Our Kingswood adventure is coming to an end. On our final morning we have Team Challenge and Environmental Art to look forward to. Then it's lunch and homeward bound.                         

We have so many stories to tell; we can't wait to get home and share tales of our journey!                                 

Thursday 14th September 2017

Windy Wednesday is replaced by Thunderous Thursday but that won't get in our way. After breakfast, it's time for Zip Wire, Laser Tag, Orienteering and Fencing. The waterproofs are on and we're ready for our last full day.


We've had our lunch and the sun is shining! More activities are coming our way this afternoon. 

Scrap Bottle Rockets was this evening's activity. We came up with some brilliant designs but only one rocket made it back to Earth safely - bad news for Custard and Richard#2 who ended up on the wrong side of a water balloon. 

Wednesday 13th September 2017

Windy Wednesday is here! Sausages and blood oranges are among the highlights of breakfast and we're now all ready for our climbing, abseiling and shelter building adventure today.

Unfortunately our shelter building session was aborted today due to a brief thunder storm but we did manage to fit in some other great activities. 


We finished the day on Indoor Initiatives with riddles, puzzles and problems to solve. Some of them were pretty tricky. Have a go at this riddle: what has a neck but no head?  

Tuesday 12th September 2017

Breakfast this morning was a hearty bacon or vegetarian sausage with grilled tomato and hash browns followed by yogurt, cereal and fresh fruit - an excellent way to start our first full day at Kingswood.


Our activities today ranged from crate stack to problem solving and then spending a couple of hours all together on beautiful West Runton Beach. This evening we're really looking forward to bouldering, aeroball and nightline (Mr Rodger's favourite!).


Monday 11th September 2017

We've arrived safely at Kingswood and have had a marvellous first day. We've experienced Go Karts and Caving and our evening activity was Pool Party which we loved!


Our Kingswood leader Custard (Curtis) is great and we're really looking forward to spending the week in North Norfolk.

Friday 8th September 2017 - Public Speaking

This week the children have been writing their own speeches on a topic of their choice. We've looked at some famous speeches from important figures such as Dr Martin Luther King Jr, Barrack Obama, Emma Watson and Malala Yousafzai. 

Today the children go to present their speech to the rest of the class. We judged the speeches based on: subject knowledge, body language and clarity of speaking. We now have our finalists who will go on to present their speeches to the entire school before we choose our final winner who will represent Kendall at the Colchester Junior Youth Speaks Competition 2018! 

Well done to all of the children for some amazing speeches with some interesting topics!  

Welcome to Year 6

Thank you to all of those parents and children who attended the Year 6 Introduction Meeting on Tuesday. You can find the presentation with all of the information in the documents section below.

Our 2017 Q1 Newlsetter that details all of our learning this quarter can also be found below. Please check our weekly school newsletter for updates, diary dates and all of the latest information. The team are very much looking forward to working with you and your children this year. 

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