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Year 3 in the Stone Age

posted 13 Sept 2019, 06:41 by Website Admin
Year 3 enjoyed a fantastic Stone Age day last Friday 6th September 2019 as their Sparkling Start.  They travelled deep into a forest and came across a Time-Tunnel.  The children crawled through the tunnel and popped out into a Stone Age house made of animal skin!  Inside, there were two Stone Age people surrounded by tools made of stone and bones.   In the middle of the camp there was a fire and some animal skins to sit on. The tent was decorated with pictures of animals through the ages – it was beautiful.   The children were able to learn lots of amazing things by looking at the images.  They also learnt how Stone Age people caught and cooked food – by preparing a pigeon to eat. Later they looked for useful plants and trees in the forest.  Some children even got to try using flint tools – it was a very difficult skill. All in all, Year 3 enjoyed a terrific day and were left feeling very enthusiastic about their new topic as a result.