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Bubbles C & D Had Lots of Fun Weighing!

posted 5 Jul 2020, 05:24 by Website Admin
This week Bubbles C and D have been learning about seasonal changes, the months that are in each season and celebrations that are associated with different seasons.  We played a season game outside where the children had to listen to a seasonal fact and then find the correct season. In literacy they wrote a season fact file and in ICT made a PowerPoint slide about one of the seasons. In maths we have had lots of fun weighing.  We began by comparing items to find out which was heavier or lighter, we then used cubes to estimate and weigh a variety of classroom items. We then found items that weighed less than or more than a Kilogram (using a bag of sugar to compare them to) and finished the week weighing a few items in grams and reading the scales.  We have also continued with our virtual sports day activities in PE.