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Book Week

posted 30 Apr 2021, 06:25 by Website Admin

This year our book week has been poetry themed. We were delighted to welcome the award winning poet Joshua Seigal on Tuesday. All the children were lucky enough to hear him perform a number of his poems and he held the children captivated throughout. Our KS2 children also had the opportunity to work with him in their classes and he inspired them to write some brilliant poetry. 

Litter Pick

posted 16 Apr 2021, 06:34 by Website Admin

Kian, Eloise and their family got involved in a litter pick to tidy up the Recreation Ground (Left) and the Hythe Moors (right). What an amazing job they did of making the environment a safer place for wildlife and a nicer place for people to be. That huge haul of litter reminds us that we must respect our environment and take our rubbish home with us.

Raising Money!

posted 16 Apr 2021, 06:28 by Website Admin

Zoe made some homemade caterpillar fidget toys from beads and loom bands. She wanted to raise money for one of the local cat charities called ‘Colchester Caring for our Missing Cats’. All funds raised help with vets bills and all day to day costs of helping all the cats. She contacted the cat charity and they posted them on their fundraising page. Zoe also sold them to neighbours, friends and family. She raised a total of £77!

Census 2021

posted 19 Mar 2021, 05:13 by Website Admin

This week is the week of the national census in England and children across the school have been learning all about what a census is and how it helps us to understand our changing population. At the beginning of the week you should have received a booklet with activities for the children and at the end of the week children will have a certificate to take home. Children in Year 6 have been looking at changes in population in Colchester over the past 100 years and what this means for public services. Other year groups have focussed on the first ever census and how collecting population data helps organisations such as the NHS to plan for the future. We hope that the census lessons the children have taken part in, help them to understand its importance.

Our first wildlife pond residents

posted 5 Mar 2021, 05:55 by Website Admin

This week a pair of mallards moved into our wildlife pond and made themselves thoroughly at home! We hope as the season continues and we develop the area more for wildlife, the children will be able to sit and watch the comings and goings from the new raised deck area that the Forest School have been constructing this week, to replace the diseased willow tree which was removed from the playground for us. Thanks to Adam at White Crow Tree surgery for carrying out this work for us.

School Improvements During Lockdown

posted 26 Feb 2021, 05:58 by Website Admin

You may remember that during the first lockdown the children were building a new wildlife pond at the edge of the woodland. During this lockdown, the forest school team have been busy building a dipping platform and making a ‘beach’ (if you watch Monty on Gardener’s World you will be aware of the wildlife value of a pond ‘beach’!) We hope that this year the pond will attract lots of wildlife; in fact we have already spotted a frog and a smooth newt checking out the new ‘des res’. I am sure that the Forest School team will have lots of activities for the children to do putting the finishing touches to the new pond, including planting bog and marginal plants to attract dragonflies and damselflies and building a hibernaculums to attract our amphibious friends!

French Food Experience Day

posted 4 Dec 2020, 06:45 by Website Admin

Year 4 had a fantastic experience trying different types of traditional French food.  They tasted cheeses of Roquefort, garlic and herb roule, Brie, Camembert and Boursin along with crème caramel, pain au chocolat, Ardennes pate and croissants.  They cooked French onion soup and French toast (Pain Perdu meaning lost bread) from scratch over the fire and also had a chance to build French monuments with sticks.  Mrs Helsden was so impressed with how the children tried the new flavours and most of them now have new foods they love.  The class said they felt like they were in France and they were just so amazing at taking on a new experience. Take a look at the Forest School Diary entry for Year 4 for some photos of this day.

Level 4 RHS School Gardening Award

posted 4 Dec 2020, 06:41 by Website Admin

This week we received our Level 4 RHS School Gardening Award Certificate and with it a large donation of seeds from the RHS, which I am sure we will look forward to planting in the spring term!

Parliament Week

posted 20 Nov 2020, 06:21 by Website Admin

Our school hall is now fabulously decorated with the children's work from Parliament Week. Parliament Week is aimed at teaching the children all about democracy, voting and how our country is governed. During Parliament Week, the children took part in a range of activities including: understanding the role of The House of Lords and The House of Commons; The Suffrage Movement; The Gunpowder Plot; Magna Carta and taxes. We also took part in The Big Vote where children chose their favourite season; they chose winter!

Kendall’s PTA

posted 13 Nov 2020, 05:45 by Website Admin

The PTA fund amazing things for our school. This year they have funded reading books for the school library, a writing shed for EYFS, and contributed to the materials for the construction of our wildlife pond. We couldn't provide these amazing resources for our children without the generous support you give to our PTA. Due to Covid restrictions we are unable to hold our normal events such as discos and the Christmas Fayre. This impacts on our fundraising for the school. If you could consider making a small donation (we suggest £1 a week) via SIMS Pay we can continue to fund projects for the school and we would be extremely grateful.

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