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Welly Throwing Competition Winners!

posted 18 Sep 2020, 07:00 by Website Admin

Well done to our winners: Jude in EYFS, Teddy in Year 1, Jessica in Year 2, Freddie in Year 3, Charlie in Year 4, Borys in Year 5 and Tyus in Year 6. Your certificates will be presented to you in class today! 

Thank you!

posted 11 Sep 2020, 06:29 by Website Admin

Thank you everyone for making our first week back at Kendall such a success. It has been lovely to see so many children in the morning in their lovely new uniforms and with smiling faces coming into school ready to learn. Both Mr Barrett-Rodger and I have walked around the school this week and we both commented on what a lovely atmosphere there is in and around the school. It feels like we have never been away!

Reading Book Return

posted 10 Jul 2020, 05:45 by Website Admin

Currently Kendall have just over 500 school reading books that we loaned out at prior to lockdown. This equates to over £2,500 worth of books which we now need to be returned to school so that next academic year, other children can enjoy reading them. You should have now received correspondence to let you know which books your child has outstanding which will need to be returned, along with instructions on how to return them if your child is not currently in school and is unable to return them to their class teacher on their transition day on Monday 20th July. Please look for any Kendall books you may have at home so that they can be returned.  A HUGE THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU WHO HAVE RETURNED YOUR BOOKS TO DATE.

Dinner Menu

posted 10 Jul 2020, 05:42 by Website Admin

We have an updated school dinner menu with some exciting new additions such as pizza, sausage rolls and the popular Friday fish and chips.  Please see the new menu at the end of the newsletter.

Bubbles C & D Had Lots of Fun Weighing!

posted 5 Jul 2020, 05:24 by Website Admin

This week Bubbles C and D have been learning about seasonal changes, the months that are in each season and celebrations that are associated with different seasons.  We played a season game outside where the children had to listen to a seasonal fact and then find the correct season. In literacy they wrote a season fact file and in ICT made a PowerPoint slide about one of the seasons. In maths we have had lots of fun weighing.  We began by comparing items to find out which was heavier or lighter, we then used cubes to estimate and weigh a variety of classroom items. We then found items that weighed less than or more than a Kilogram (using a bag of sugar to compare them to) and finished the week weighing a few items in grams and reading the scales.  We have also continued with our virtual sports day activities in PE.

Bubble A & B Fence Weaving

posted 5 Jul 2020, 05:20 by Website Admin

This week, Bubbles A and B have continued our learning based on 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch'.  We have been outside and weaved on our fence (his lunch was in a woven basket), investigated light sources and shadows, made shadow puppets to retell stories and have written our own versions of the story.  In maths, we have been consolidating our learning on addition and subtraction, adding children in boats and subtracting sandwiches!  We have learnt about telescopes and made our own.

Bubble H - Calculating Fractions, Decimals & Percentages with Love Hearts!

posted 26 Jun 2020, 06:25 by Website Admin

Bubble H have been extremely busy revisiting our learning on fractions.  Our favourite lesson this week was calculating the fraction, decimal and percentage colour distribution of Love Hearts.  We each had our own packet and we had to work out the fraction, decimal and percentage equivalents of each colour.   We also produced a bar graph to show our results.  We found that Violet was the most popular colour out of 13 packets...  81/325! 

Bubble E Creating William Morris Wallpaper

posted 26 Jun 2020, 06:20 by Website Admin

This week Bubble E have been learning to tell the time using o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to. We then went outside and worked as teams to tell the time in 5 minute intervals using chalk to draw the clock and sticks for the hour and minute hands. We have also been finding out about the artist William Morris and have written a biography detailing his life. In art we looked at some of his most famous pieces and created our own wallpaper using elements of his designs in our own work.

Learning Outside the Classroom with Bubble G

posted 26 Jun 2020, 06:16 by Website Admin

What an amazing week we have had in Bubble G, where we have been lucky enough with the weather and our amazing woodland, we have spent more time outside than in.  We have been planning and editing our stories based upon Humpty Dumpty and we are just about ready to construct our own picture books based on a fear our character overcomes.  We have been problem solving using treasure hunts for addition and subtraction including exchanging which has really helped us to remember how to tackle those trickier mathematical problems.  When we were working on our problems, we found a freshly hatched egg that Matthew Magpie identified as a pigeon egg!   We also worked on our virtual sports day on the Rec and enjoyed competing in teams to try to beat our best times. Long may this wonderful weather continue to support our love of LOTC at Kendall!

Welcome Back Bubbles C & D!

posted 19 Jun 2020, 06:15 by Website Admin   [ updated 24 Jun 2020, 01:18 ]

Bubbles C and D were thrilled to welcome 20 Children back into Year One on Monday. This week they have read and learnt the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. Both bubbles acted out the story in small groups and there were some brilliant performances! They then planned and re-wrote the story using sentence starters. In maths we have been measuring items, we started by estimating then using cubes and 100 bead strings and then moved onto measuring in centimetres and meters using rulers. They have looked at Van Gogh sunflowers and made clay sunflowers and in ICT they have started programming with bluebots.

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