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School Improvements During Lockdown

posted 26 Feb 2021, 05:58 by Website Admin

You may remember that during the first lockdown the children were building a new wildlife pond at the edge of the woodland. During this lockdown, the forest school team have been busy building a dipping platform and making a ‘beach’ (if you watch Monty on Gardener’s World you will be aware of the wildlife value of a pond ‘beach’!) We hope that this year the pond will attract lots of wildlife; in fact we have already spotted a frog and a smooth newt checking out the new ‘des res’. I am sure that the Forest School team will have lots of activities for the children to do putting the finishing touches to the new pond, including planting bog and marginal plants to attract dragonflies and damselflies and building a hibernaculums to attract our amphibious friends!

French Food Experience Day

posted 4 Dec 2020, 06:45 by Website Admin

Year 4 had a fantastic experience trying different types of traditional French food.  They tasted cheeses of Roquefort, garlic and herb roule, Brie, Camembert and Boursin along with crème caramel, pain au chocolat, Ardennes pate and croissants.  They cooked French onion soup and French toast (Pain Perdu meaning lost bread) from scratch over the fire and also had a chance to build French monuments with sticks.  Mrs Helsden was so impressed with how the children tried the new flavours and most of them now have new foods they love.  The class said they felt like they were in France and they were just so amazing at taking on a new experience. Take a look at the Forest School Diary entry for Year 4 for some photos of this day.

Level 4 RHS School Gardening Award

posted 4 Dec 2020, 06:41 by Website Admin

This week we received our Level 4 RHS School Gardening Award Certificate and with it a large donation of seeds from the RHS, which I am sure we will look forward to planting in the spring term!

Parliament Week

posted 20 Nov 2020, 06:21 by Website Admin

Our school hall is now fabulously decorated with the children's work from Parliament Week. Parliament Week is aimed at teaching the children all about democracy, voting and how our country is governed. During Parliament Week, the children took part in a range of activities including: understanding the role of The House of Lords and The House of Commons; The Suffrage Movement; The Gunpowder Plot; Magna Carta and taxes. We also took part in The Big Vote where children chose their favourite season; they chose winter!

Kendall’s PTA

posted 13 Nov 2020, 05:45 by Website Admin

The PTA fund amazing things for our school. This year they have funded reading books for the school library, a writing shed for EYFS, and contributed to the materials for the construction of our wildlife pond. We couldn't provide these amazing resources for our children without the generous support you give to our PTA. Due to Covid restrictions we are unable to hold our normal events such as discos and the Christmas Fayre. This impacts on our fundraising for the school. If you could consider making a small donation (we suggest £1 a week) via SIMS Pay we can continue to fund projects for the school and we would be extremely grateful.

Harvest and the Foodbank.

posted 6 Nov 2020, 04:44 by Website Admin

This year we have celebrated Harvest festival with the children in our class worships, along with Canon Mole, Reverend Rachel Rat and Deacon Foxley-Loxley. We talked about saying ‘Thank you’ for our food and those who produce it for us and then considered how we could help those who were less fortunate than we are. This brought us onto the subject of the Foodbank, which is helping so many people at this difficult time.

Many of you have been kind enough to send in tins and packets for us to take to the Foodbank, thank you very much. Those gifts will be dropped off at St. Stephen’s Church where they are collected and taken on to the Foodbank for us. If you still have gifts for the Foodbank, St Stephen’s are having a regular collecting session on a Thursday between 11am and 1pm and we would ask you to drop any further gifts off directly to them. The list of items they are looking for is as follows: SMALL BAGS OF RICE, LONGLIFE MILK/JUICE, SHAMPOO, CARRIER BAGS/ REUSEABLE BAGS, SQUASH, TINNED FRUIT, DEODORANTS, TINNED POTATOES, TINNED PUDDINGS, TINS OR PACKETS OF CUSTARD, JAM, PEANUT BUTTER, TOOTH BRUSH/ TOOTH PASTE, RAZORS, SHOWER GEL, SMALL JARS OF COFFEE, SMALL WASHING POWDER/LIQUID, SMALL MULTIPACK SNACKS (PENGUIN/CLUB/TWIX), TINNED TOMATOES

CAReless Pollution

posted 16 Oct 2020, 06:28 by Website Admin

CAReless Pollution is a new Colchester-wide campaign encouraging drivers to switch off their engines while they wait at traffic lights, level crossings or outside schools to reduce air pollution. Scientific research shows that air pollution inside a car with the engine running is up to seven times higher than the air pollution outside the car. There is strong evidence that links air pollution to heart disease, stroke, respiratory disease and lung cancer. Switching off your car engine is a simple action that brings health benefits to everyone inside the car. For fascinating Fact vs Fiction and FAQs see the documents we have attached to this week’s newsletter. For more information and to get involved:

SCARF Live Online

posted 16 Oct 2020, 06:25 by Website Admin

At this time of the year, Nancy and the Life Bus visit Kendall. However, due to current restrictions, we have been unable to have the Life Bus at Kendall. Therefore, this week and last week, children from across the school have been taking part in SCARF Live Online sessions with Nancy and her friend Gerald (the giraffe) Zooming live into classrooms. The children have been thinking about emotions, feelings, choices and mental wellbeing. All of the children really enjoyed seeing Nancy again as they have been used to her coming to Kendall for a number of years now. The organisation SCARF provides us with resources which supplement our Personal Development Curriculum, and the annual visit of the Life Bus is a fabulous way of getting the children to think about their emotional wellbeing as well as their academic achievement.

Living Streets Five Day Walking Challenge

posted 2 Oct 2020, 06:15 by Website Admin

Walk to School Week this year is next week (5th – 9th October). Living Streets have created the greatest national Walk to School celebration, where pupils and grown-ups around the UK unite for one week of walking to school. Their five-day walking challenge aimed at primary schools is a fun and engaging week-long activity, raising awareness and celebrating walking for all. Pupils will be well on their way to reaching their recommended 60 minutes minimum of physical activity per day before even reaching the school gates! Not only will it set them up for a positive day in the classroom, it will also help create healthy habits for life. We will be sending activity diaries home for your child to complete and each day the class teachers will be giving rewards for pupils who walk to school, whether that is some of the way or all of the way! If your child returns their completed activity diary they will also receive a pin badge in recognition of this achievement. We hope you can join in!

Conker Competition

posted 2 Oct 2020, 06:11 by Website Admin

Today we held our conker competition amid much excitement. We will be presenting the winners with a certificate next week.

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