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Teachers                                       Mr Rodger and Mrs Govinden
Learning Support Assistant       Mrs Ager and Mr Spurgeon

Mary Poppins Jr (June 2019)

Rehearsals are now underway for this year's KS2 production, Disney's Mary Poppins Jr.

SATs Success (May 2019)

Well done to all of the Year 6 children and their hard work in their SATs Tests - we are very proud of you. Although we won't know the results until July, we know that you have all tried your best.

SATs Preparation (April 2019)

Year 6 have now started their revision for SATs. They are all working very hard and looking forward to being able to 'show-off' all of their knowledge when it comes to taking the tests.

Macbeth (March 2019)

Macbeth is at the center of our curriculum for the next few weeks and the children are really enjoying learning about this Shakespearean tale of witches, battles and morals.

Microbes (January 2019)

Have your children told you all about our latest project in Year 6? We are focusing on Science and looking in particular at micro-organisms. So far we have classified animals and plants; studied the life and works of Carl Linnaeus and began to investigate growing mould! Later on this week we are going to be making predictions about the most unhygienic place in our school, then we will take swabs and grow the bacteria to test our predictions.

Here is the start of our bread experiment where we are investigating the conditions which help mould grow. Independent variables we are investigating include: light and dark; temperature; air or no air; being next to a piece of fruit; coughing and lemon juice.

The Marvellous Mayas (December 2018)

Year 6 have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the ancient civilisation, the Mayas. Today, we looked in more detail at how some of today's foods were developed in the ancient Maya world. Did you know the Mayans were the first to take the seeds out of cacao and toast them to make hot chocolate? In fact, the Mayans saw chocolate as a sacred fruit sent to them by the gods, and even used it as currency. All children took part in making corn tortillas in the classroom, then we set off to the woodland where we fried them on an open fire...delicious! After that we split into teams and began preparing hot chocolate Mayan style! We used rocks to grind nutmeg, cinnamon, chillies and of course cacao beans! Then we added a little bit of milk to form a paste before finally pouring more hot milk in to create a yummy drink!

SEALife London Aquarium (November 2018)

Today Year 6 took the long journey into London to experience the mysteries of the deep in our capital's SEAlife Centre. Amongst many things the children saw sharks, rays, lobsters, starfish, jellyfish, octopus and even a turtle. The children were so excited about all that they saw but also learned about the threats of overfishing and plastics in our ocean. The children loved the trip and said it was amazing to see turtles, crocodiles, penguins and jelly fish all in one place and all in the centre of London!

Brilliant Bioluminescence! (November 2018)

Continuing with our Awesome Oceans topic, last week the children were discovering nature's magic in the form of bioluminescence. They studied species which glow in the dark and learnt how they have adapted to do this and what advantages it brings them. As a spectacular finish to the subject they drew their own bioluminescent creature then, using a digital camera with a slow shutter speed, they sketched their creature with a glow stick and took the photo. Here are some of their creations...


Awesome Oceans (October 2018)

We would like to introduce our new class pet - meet Axol the Axolotl! He safely arrived last week and we are enjoying learning how to care for him. Despite being called the Mexican Walking Fish, he is in fact a salamander- a type of amphibian with a lizard-like body, a long tail and smooth, moist skin.

We  have been extremely careful not to make too much noise and we have to keep the lights dim at his end of the classroom because axolotls need plenty of shade. Water levels are regularly checked and the carbon filter is changed every 2 to 3 weeks. Axol is eating lots and becoming more active as he acclimatises to his new environment; we are very much enjoying him being a member of Year 6.


The Hindu Creation Story (September 2018)

Year 6 have been revisiting Hinduism in particularly the Hindu creation story. To end the mini-topic we took the children into the woodland for a sensory experience. As the focus of the story was the concept of appreciating our senses and the world around us, we sat in a circle and focused on each sense one at a time. Whilst the story was slowly read out loud, the children used their eyes to appreciate the natural beauty of the outside area; their ears to listen to the different sounds there are outside; their hands to feel the different textures surrounding them (mostly natural); their noses to smell scented incense sticks and lastly we passed around a small bowl of marshmallows which the children could taste if they wanted. Of course, they did want to! Finally, the children decorated a lotus flower with colour or any words that came into their heads whilst exercising all of their senses.

Public Speaking (September 2018)

This week the children have been performing their speeches. Earlier they were asked to write a speech about something of interest to them. We heard talks on a variety of different topics such as animals, bullying, over-paid footballers and why it is important to smile.

The 3 best speakers will be representing Kendall at the 2019 Colchester Youth Speaks competition in May. Well done to all of those Year 6s brave enough to stand up in front of the class and deliever their speech.

Our Kingswood Blog

Friday 14th September

Our final morning at Kingswood has arrived. We’ve eaten breakfast and now we face the challenges of stripping our beds and packing our bags. Two more activities await us (Nightline and Drum Beat) before lunch, and then we’re on the coach back home. 

The children have all faced a fear, worked together as a team and hopefully made some memories they’ll remember for a life time. We can’t wait to share our stories with you when we get home. 

Thursday 13th September PM

The highlight today has to be caving. All of the children really enjoyed crawling through the tunnel and many faced their fear of the dark and small spaces. Tonight we’re looking forward to finding out the secrets of the Trail of Mystery. 

Thursday 13th September AM

We’re over half way through our Kingswood adventure and we’re having a great time. Yesterday’s highlights included our trip to the beach. We found lots of crabs in rock pools and played games on the sand. Unfortunately none of our balloons survived the bottle rocket challenge yesterday evening but we came up with some interesting designs. 

Everyone slept well last night and we’re excited for our last full day of Kingswood where we’re firelighting, den building, caving and going on a ‘trail of mystery’ ...

Wednesday 12th September

We are very proud of how well the children did at the extreme high activities yesterday. They all gave it a really good go. Everyone made it to the top of the tower and some even got up to the top of Jacob’s ladder! Last night’s entertainment was campfire. We learnt some great campfire songs before hot chocolate. 

Today we are looking forward to our beach adventure, orienteering and some scrap bottle rockets.

Tuesday 11th September

The children all had a fantastic night’s sleep and were raring to go this morning. 

After a full English breakfast we enjoyed activities such as Laser Tag, archery and fencing. Lunch has gone down a treat and we’re all now really looking forward to the thrill of Jacob’s Ladder, zipwire and Leap of Faith this afternoon! Everyone’s having a great time. 

Monday 10th September

After a two and a half hour coach journey (courtesy of our driver Tony), we arrived at Kingswood! We’ve met our group leader for the week - Travis - and had a tour of the site. 

This evenings’ activities included Team Tech and Mini Olympics. Making our own beds was very exciting and we’re now ready for our first night away. 

Welcome to Year 6

Thank you to all of those parents and children who attended the Year 6 Introduction Meeting on Friday. You can find the presentation with all of the information in the documents section below.

Our 2018 Q1 Newlsetter that details all of our learning this quarter can also be found below. Please check our weekly school newsletter for updates, diary dates and all of the latest information. The team are very much looking forward to working with you and your children this year. 

Kingswood 2018 Photo Gallery

Year 6 LOtC Highlights

London SEALife Aquarium Visit 2018

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