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Welcome to Science at Kendall

Science Club

This autumn, Science Club will be investigating a range of science topics and themes. 

Week 3: Oobleck - Can something be a solid and a liquid at the same time?

Oobleck is a Non-Newtonian fluid, meaning that is has the properties of both a solid and a liquid.  Science Club investigated solids and liquids, then followed instructions to make oobleck with a partner.  They were all fascinated by its properties.  

Week 4: Bubbles -   Do the ingredients affect the size of the bubbles? How could we make the bubbles bigger?

We looked at the ingredients for bubble mixture and practised our bubble blowing!  We found out that adding washing up liquid to the water reduces its surface tension, making it stretchy so that you can blow bubbles.  We looked at bought bubble mixture and the 'film' that is the case of the bubble.

The group decided to investigate two strands of enquiry:

1. Does more washing up liquid make bigger bubbles? 
2. Will the size of the wand alter the size of the bubble?

We made three mixtures.  Each had the same amount of water ( fair test ) but a different amount of washing up liquid (our variable).  The children predicted that the one with the least in it would produce the smallest bubbles and the one with the most would produce the biggest.  We used plastic wands to investigate this.  The children discovered that they could blow a range of sized bubbles with all three mixtures.  They found out that the bubbles with the most washing up liquid lasted longer ( took longer to pop).