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At Kendall we believe that maths is an essential part of a balanced curriculum that should be fascinating, inspiring and enjoyable for everyone. All learners should become fluent in the fundamentals of maths, be able to reason mathematically and solve problems by applying their mathematical understanding. 

We try to ensure that children develop an enthusiastic and creative attitude towards maths that will stay with them throughout their lives.

This page has lots of information about maths at Kendall and ways in which you can support your child with their journey through maths at home. You can also watch our Maths PIE (Parent Information Event) here.

Supporting Your Child with Maths

Maths can be a daunting topic and carries a sense of fear and worry for many. However, Mr BR's GOLDEN RULE for parents is: if you found maths tricky at school, don't let this impact on your child and their potential love of the subject. 

Children are not born with a fear of maths, they develop it from their own experiences but also from what they hear from others. At Kendall we try to instill a sense of curiosity, fun and 'can-do' attitude towards maths and the way you talk about maths at home can influence this greatly. 

Maths is maths and the rules you learnt at school are the same as the ones the children learn today. However, the way children are taught in schools today might be quite different to how you were taught in school. This can make it hard for you to support your child so we've put together some useful resources below which will hopefully help you to support your child with their maths learning at home.

Maths Curriculum Activities by Year Group

General Maths Resources for Parents

Number Facts and Times Tables

Knowledge of the key number facts and times tables lays the secure foundations of mathematics. That is why we spend a lot of time rehearsing times tables with children in school. We do this in fun and exciting ways such as body counting - get your child to show you how they do this in their class!

Because we know that fluency in key number facts is so important, we hold a special maths awards assembly on the final Friday of each quarter to celebrate the times table achievements of pupils across the school.

All of the children work through our Mental Maths Awards and have their own record of achievement kept in school. This goes through the school with them, right from the time they join until the moment they leave Kendall, and records their mental maths accomplishments.

Children work through the levels:

Super Gold
and Pinnacle 

To go along with this reward scheme, we have also written a parent guide to help you to support your child in completing their next level.

Making Maths Fun

Maths should be a fun subject to learn and we do a lot at Kendall to make it as exciting as possible.

Fortnightly Maths Challenge

Mr Barrett-Rodger publishes a Maths Challenge each Fortnight and the winners are announced every two weeks. You can find the most recent challenges on our newsletter.

Maths Weeks

Every year we hold a Maths Week in November to celebrate maths. Each year we choose a different theme and either invite a visitor in to help us celebrate or take the whole school out on a special maths trip. Here are some of our recent themes:

2019 - Maths Magic
with a Mathmagician in school

2018 - Puzzles
with a visit from the Happy Puzzle Company

2017 - Animal Maths
with a whole-school visit to Colchester Zoo

2016 - Codebreakers
with a whole-school visit to Bletchley Park

The 2020 Maths Week theme will be announced at the beginning of the autumn term!

Parent Information Events (PIEs)

Each year we hold a Maths PIE where parents are able to come in and find out more about how their children experience maths in school. Parents are able to learn more about the techniques we use to teach maths and spend time with their children in a maths lessons. These PIEs usually fall during our special Maths Week.